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Famous Hands Flying is about celebrities participating in videos to share the beautiful language of American Sign Language. I teach celebrities basic American Sign Language if they don’t know any ASL. I teach them how to say, “Hi, my name is …” while encouraging them to learn the basics of ASL.


It makes Deaf fans feel as if it's the best day ever when celebrities try to learn ASL and try to communicate with Deaf fans when they meet them. I want to invite celebrities to be a part of this experience within our deaf community and culture.


I have met a lot of celebrities since I was a kid and I always wished I was able to talk to them like hearing fans did. Some celebrities know a little bit of ASL and when they signed to me, it made me feel so happy and it was one of the best moments of my life.


I want all Deaf fans to experience the same as I did.


Why do I have Deaf celebrities included in Famous Hands Flying if they already know ASL? Well, I want Deaf celebrities to be a part of Famous Hands Flying because I want to treat them equally.


It is also really fun to know what their real sign name is instead of them just fingerspelling their name

Teaching and practicing America Sign Language with Rashad Jennings

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