Celebrities' Quotes

"I think it’s beautiful! It is a way of connecting us all, and I love seeing people from all different walks of life coming together to speak the same language!"

"I think Famous Hands Flying is

a wonderful way to expose

more people to ASL. 

I love it!

"I think the website is a 

great service for the deaf

and fans of the movies"

"This was so much fun! I really appreciated you teaching me this! The ability to speak to new people in a way they can understand means a lot to me! I've been working on learning new signs and finger spelling all day!"

"I think the website is great, man, thank you for coming up with it!"

"ASL is so important, and we must all do what we can to promote and make it part of all performances"

“I think it is awesome. I really enjoyed being part of it.”

"Learning ASL has open more lines of communication with my brothers/sisters truly a blessing"

"A fun, & simple way to expose more people to ASL! The more hands in, the better."

"I’m happy to support famous hands flying and it’s continued success of spreading joy and helping people"

“I love your website and the work you are doing to raise awareness and spread the word about sign language. Thank you for having me as a guest. Communication is the necessary ingredient for founding, growing, and preserving any civilization I look forward to a day when signing will pave the way for greater peace and understanding among all people and nations”

"Thanks for the opportunity to help. The video looks good, hope it helps to spread the word. Best of luck."

"It is an absolute joy to support Famous Hands Flying! I appreciate all that you do to raise awareness about ASL as your endeavors have inspired me to continue learning and supporting the ASL community!"

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